Please get into contact with us if you have any questions about the application, the competition, about sponsoring or any other topic related to the award. Please note that we have collected some Q&A further down. Maybe your questions are answered there?

PORTRAITS – Hellerau Photography Award
Project Leader: Dr Martin Morgenstern
Tel. +49 (351) 799-00000


  1. What is the participation fee?
    The participation fee is 50 €. For pupils and students it is 25 €.
  2. How many works can I submit per entry fee?
    Per entry, you are entitled to either submit a single photographic portrait or a photographic series of up to 20 works per entry. Further restrictions do not apply.
  3. How does this work then?
    For the jury you submit your work in a digital format. If you are selected as a finalist, we get into contact and talk about whether to have your works transported or shipped to Dresden at your own expense or have a print of your work produced in Dresden for free – which will be yours after the exhibition, of course. (Again – we would ask you for the shipping costs.)
  4. I was selected for the finalist exhibition – what now?
    First of all, congratulations! You will receive a free catalog as a finalist. We will now get in touch with you about the details of the exhibition of your works, and we conclude a separate exhibition contract. We would love you to attend the opening, of course!
  5. Will I be guaranteed to be included in the finalist exhibition once I have been selected as a finalist?
    Yes. You might also be chosen by the jury for a solo show, a so-called ‘satellite exhibition’. The processing of the production, appointments etc. are usually to be coordinated directly with the organizers at the satellite exhibition venue.

    As a residency prize winner, you will exhibit your work in a special show at the Festspielhaus Hellerau, together with the last resident prize winner, Svante Gullichsen (Finland). After your residency has been completed, you have the opportunity to present the results again in Hellerau – together with your own successor.
  6. What rights to my work do you ask for if I am selected as a finalist?
    PORTRAITS asks for the right to show your work in the exhibition, to print it in the exhibition catalog and possibly to use it for other non-commercial uses within the competition (posters, postcards, etc.). The details will be detailed in a separate contract with all finalists. Of course, the copyright of the work remains with you at all times. From our point of view, there is no restriction on submitting the work in other competitions or presenting it publicly in other places while you are applying at PORTRAITS.
  7. Does the competition pay the finalists’ travelling costs?
    We are very interested in as many finalists as possible taking part in the award ceremony and are therefore constantly on the lookout for sponsors who may finance any travel expenses incurred. Please talk to us about the details!
  8. What are the prizes, anyway?
    The competition awards prizes of a total of € 10,000, including a residency prize for a stay of several weeks at HELLERAU – European Center for the Arts. There are no limits to your creativity.
  9. Do I have to pay taxes on my prize money?
    In Germany, prize money for individual artistic achievements is usually tax-free. If you live outside Germany, please contact your local tax authorities.
  10. What happens to the works after the exhibition is over?
    After the exhibition has ended, we ask you to pick up your work in Dresden or have it shipped to you at your expense. This applies both to the works you have sent in or delivered and to the prints we may have produced on your behalf in the Dresden lab.

The detailed terms and conditions of the competition are listed here.