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The 2023 PORTRAITS competition year will be crowned by a final exhibition opening: from June 22, 2023 we will present the works of the workshop of our first portrait photography guest professor at the Dresden University of Fine Arts, Laura El-Tantawy – and a selection of the finalists of the competition year 2023 in the Berlin rooms of our main sponsor.


Joel Bolonick · Therese Debono · Sibylle Feucht · Aaron Ricketts · Sitara Thalia Ambrosio · Hermann Bredehorst · Annette LeMay Burke · Kasper Christiansen · Massimiliano Corteselli · Amilton Neves Cuna · Corina Gertz ·Milan Gies · Eva Gjaltema · Andrea Graziosi · Geraldine Haas · Shinichi Ichikawa · Nancy Ludwig · Susanne Middelberg · Katya Mukha · Michaela Nagyidaiová · Arseniy Neskhodimov · Nicola Petrara · Toni Petraschk · Lisa Pram · Ann Prochilo · Emma Sarpaniemi · Ursula Sokolowska · Cecilia Sordi Campos · Ivonne Thein · Amy Touchette · Sebastian Wells & Vsevolod Kazarin · Guanyu Xu


Every year, catalogues with the works of all finalists are published by the Kunstagentur Dresden. Shipping is free worldwide.

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Who we are

The PORTRAITS – Hellerau Photography Award was created in 2015. Our output so far: thirty exhibitions, stunning photo series by over four hundred international artists and tens of thousands of enthusiastic visitors.

Martin Mulik

International Competition for Portrait Photography

»Surface«, »Counterparts«, »Togetherness«, »Change«, »Presence«, »Uncovered« and »Dignity«: these were the major thematic exhibitions that HELLERAU – European Center for the Arts organized together with Kunstagentur Dresden in recent years.